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How Can I Keep A Clean Email List?

July 29, 2016

The key to good email list hygiene is diligence. It is important to be proactive, pay close attention and maintain good list hygiene at all times. Keeping a clean list will save you money in the long run and ensure your emails will hit the inbox as expected. An important part of maintaining a clean…

How to Reach Out To Unsubscribers Without Sounding Like a Sad Ex

How To Reach Out to Unsubscribers Without Sounding Like A Sad Ex

July 29, 2016

Hands down the saddest feeling on earth is the notice that someone left your email subscription. Before I started personalizing email campaigns, this would happen to me with almost every single email campaign. The first step is understanding the obvious. The thing that should be obvious is not waiting for months to have passed after…


Why Are My Emails Going Into The Promotions Tab?

July 28, 2016

Since Gmail’s smart labels or smart filters were released to its users in 2013, a big question for email marketers has been, “what makes my email go into the promotions tab?” Google being as complex as they are, it’s an algorithm that determines where your emails are sent. There are a variety of factors that…


Why Are My Emails Going To The Spam Folder?

July 25, 2016

This is a question that has been asked for a very long time. I’m sure when asked, you’ll get the runaround or an answer that doesn’t feel satisfactory. This is because figuring out why an email went into a spam folder is like trying to solve a murder mystery with no smoking gun. First, we…