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  • The Art of Philanthropy in a Digital World

    The Art of Philanthropy in a Digital Email: Challenges & Solutions

    Beyond • August 24, 2016

    Non-profits have the hardest job of all: they have to get people to care and act altruistically. In an era of instant gratification and self-glorification, this seems almost impossible. Yet, this is where non-profits have an edge over other industries. A non-profit’s life blood is on brand and message building, which is where email campaigns…

  • Successful Promo Emails

    How Can I Create Successful Promotional Emails?

    Emailology • August 22, 2016

    A promotional email is intended to get your audience excited about something. You may have a new service or product to announce or you may just have excess inventory to get rid of. The bottom line is you’re looking to promote something that will bring traffic to your store and accomplish awareness or overall sales…

  • How do I make sure my emails are mobile friendly?

    How Do I Make Sure My Emails Are Mobile Friendly?

    Emailology • August 19, 2016

    How many of you start the day by waking up and then instantly start reaching for your phone (by reaching I mean if it’s not already under your pillow)? I know I do. Certainly the fact that our smartphones are such a huge part of our lives explains the data that shows that 56% of…

  • What are good tests to do on my campaigns before I send to my subscribers?

    What Tests Are Good To Run On My Campaigns Before I Hit Send?

    Emailology • August 18, 2016

    Tests like A/B testing can be invaluable to email marketers. However, A/B test is an umbrella term for when you are testing different elements within your email to compare and see which works better. But there are many things that you can test for in an email. Here are some good tests to perform before…

  • Things to Check Before Clicking “Send Campaign”

    Things to Check Before Clicking “Send Campaign”

    Beyond • August 18, 2016

    Rushed. Hurried. Frenetic. Those three words describe the state of the modern marketing manager, who is overloaded with responsibilities and deadlines. It’s a common state resulting from executives who expect results and over-promise expectations, without realizing the amount of detail and planning that goes into marketing. What you’re then left with is a hyperactive marketing…