A Stately Presidents Day Email Template

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Presidents Day was the first federal holiday to honor an American citizen. So I can’t be the first, but I can be the latest!

Live to dream, right?

So until we’re all celebrating Andy Shore Day, we’ll have to settle for Presidents Day. As I have no political aspirations, they will never be one and the same. Use a Benchmark Presidents Day email template this February 15th, and honor past great presidents such as Washington and Lincoln. I will patiently await my day.

Free Presidents Day Email Template from Benchmark Email

Delusional self-flattery aside, Presidents Day is a great time to visit your subscribers’ inboxes. Being patriotic is a great way to score points with your customers. Presidents Day is also typically associated with sales, but be mindful of the true nature of the holiday.

Presidents Day is also a day off of work for most people. That will give me time to figure out what I’m going to do to deserve a federal holiday. I’m pretty sure they won’t give me one for sleeping until noon and then watching TV on the couch all day. This may be harder than I thought. I’ve got some big people to live up to. Focus on the achievements of our greatest presidents and you will have a successful Presidents Day. Though probably not one that they’ll give you your own federal holiday for.

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