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Last week Benchmark Email ran its Moms on Marketing series in honor of Mother’s Day and all the work-at-home and career moms out there. The positive response to the series was amazing, and we’re happy to bring all our Mom (and one Dad) bloggers into one place. Check out the great articles below and we hope all of our Benchmark Email moms had a great Mother’s Day!

How to Get More Work Done as a Work at home Mom
by Holly Hanna
Being a work at home mom (WAHM) has many benefits, from saving money on things like transportation, dry cleaning costs and child care, to freedom to work when, where and in what you want to wear. Read More…

Next Generation Mom: Lifestyle Design for the Modern Mom
by Kimberly Heuser
Let’s get real… The Leave It to Beaver days have ended. Times are tough and this world isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In the Leave It to Beaver days, mom’s only job was to be a stay-at-home mother and wife. As a woman who was raised by a mom who used food coloring to write “I love you” in my Cream of Wheat each morning, I knew the value of having a mom dedicated to her family. Read More…

5 Pieces of Advice for Mothers Who Run Businesses from Home
by Pat Williams
Many years ago I worked as a freelance reporter. I loved the job because it allowed me to be home with my two preschoolers. The only challenge was finding uninterrupted time to perform interviews, so when I had an opportunity to speak with the director of a provincial park about environmental protection of the beach, I thought it was a great idea to let the kids play in the sand while I worked. Read More…

Should Mom Bloggers Have an Email Subscription Option?
by Scarlet Paolicchi
I started my mom blog about two years ago and I have been growing my traffic steadily ever since. One of the things I did to take my blog to the next level was add an email subscription option. I avoided this step for the first year not because I was too lazy or didn’t know how to add the email subscription option to my blog but because I thought it would hurt my blog traffic. I thought that if people got my email, they wouldn’t come to my blog because they would just read it all there. Boy, was I wrong! Read More…

8 Helpful tips for the Multitasking Mom
by Lori McNee
For the busy, multitasking mom there never seems to be enough hours in a day. As a mom whose professional art career developed during my kids’ naptime, and in-between loads of laundry, I know this from experience. Read More…

Brands Moms Love
by Jessica Gottlieb
I’m pretty firmly entrenched in the Mom Blogging community and have noticed that there are brands who have made The Moms love them. They all have one thing in common: They listen to The Moms. Read More…

10 Things I Learned from Being a Work at Home Mom
by Shireen Qudosi
I was always a very calculated career driven and self-involved person. But when I abruptly learned of my pregnancy via ultrasound at three months, I was gob smacked and teary eyed – and perhaps speechless for the first time in my life. Here was this little life that had already claimed a place in the world; he was kicking away feverishly as if he was planning on just swimming away. He was here. He was real. Read More…

Mommy Has a Dream Too
by Kimberly Heuser
I was hardly an adult staring down at the largest life-shift that I never anticipated – an unexpected pregnancy. Visions of baby coos and ruffled dresses were short-lived as I caught a glimpse of my prestigious college acceptance letter – that just days earlier, I accepted. My heart sank as I realized exactly what being a mommy would cost me. My hopes, my dreams; my world was shattered. I didn’t want to decide between my future dreams and my future daughter so I decided to embark on a seemingly impossible journey: to have both. Read More…

Appreciating the Working Mom on Mother’s Day
by Matt Peregoy
What do you get for a working mother on Mother’s Day? The answer to this question has baffled husbands for… well, at least a decade or two. There was a time when dad could pick up flowers on his way home from work or buy a piece of jewelry to make momma happy on Mother’s Day. Now that more and more women are working, and a larger percentage than ever have become their household’s primary breadwinner, dads can’t rely on the same old conventional wisdom when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. Read More…

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