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How to Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

Beyond • March 19, 2013

You have to have heard about Pinterest as a source of traffic by now.  You are sure to see some type of pinterest button on almost every website you visit and if you don\'t you should!  Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to \"pin\" images to their boards.  These images link back to the website from which they were pinned (that is where your traffic can come in).  Pinterest has recently climbed into my #2 traffic referral spot (StumbleUpon is still #1).  And when I say climbed, I really mean jumped rapidly because it has just taken off and if it continues to trend at this rate, it will easily slip into my #1 traffic referral spot.  I tell you this because I want you to know that Pinterest traffic will not magically appear overnight but as you work on the tips I provide you should see a steady increase and then you may hit the tipping point and go viral. Create Your Pinterest Profile This part is so basic but also so important.  You can choose a personal or business account and if you are using it for traffic you probably want to choose business and select your business category.  Then you will input your information to flesh out your Pinterest profile.  You will enter your business name, a user name, which should be easily related, upload a photo or logo, create a brief bio, add your website link and verify it, and connect your Facebook & Twitter accounts.  Don\'t rush this part.  Each piece of information here is very important as a introduction to all the new users you will be getting exposure to.  Your good job here translates into how likely they are repin, like your pins, and to visit your site. Create Your Pinterest Boards Chose Pin Board Titles Now that you have a complete profile, you can create your boards and name them.  Doing this with some forethought will save you a lot of work going back and reorganizing later.  Think about your brand and what you represent to your client- that is how you should create your boards.  For instance, as a family blog, I created boards about baby stuff, kids rooms, kids crafts, parenting tips, etc.  You will want to create boards that will show your potential customers what your brand offers and the lifestyle that goes with your brand- things that would interest that niche.  If you offer hiking supplies, you can also have boards that show great hiking spots.  Sure, you don\'t sell the hiking spots but it gives your customers a reason to come to you.  Also, if you are smart, you will probably have a blog about these type informative extras that you can pin from too! Pin Now that you have your category boards titled,  you can start pinning.  What you want to pin is informative articles and striking images that will capture your new readers interest.  They should be a mix of your content and other people\'s content.  There are two reasons you want a mix.  You don\'t want to come across as salesy and you can make some great new friends that may become customers as you repin other pins.  You can get social and find some cool pins to repin by using the search feature on Pinterest.  You can busy creating links back to your site by pinning images from your site and/or blog.  Remember to do both on an ongoing basis.  This is about pin something once and expect traffic to rush in.  This is about offering consistently good content that will make people follow you on Pinterest, visit your links, and repin it to their boards so their friends can do the same! Chose Board Cover and Arrangement You can arrange your pin boards and you should!  Do so by what you think is most pertinent to your customers and your brand.  You can chose a board cover and you should.  Select an image that is eye catching and will make them want to check out the rest of your board.  You can change the board cover and arrangement every once in a while for a fresh look and to catch new interest. Get Social on Pinterest I have covered part of this aspect before when I told you to interact with other users that have similar interests.  You can do so by repinning, liking their pins, and/or commenting on pins.  Try all three for a balanced approach.  You will also need to go make friends.  Pinterest is like a party- if you stand in the corner and wait for everyone to come to you, you probably wont\' have as much fun or talk to as many people.  So be social on Pinterest by taking the first step and following other pinners with similar interest and returning their follows.  If someone pins one of your images, you will get a notice so you can go check out their pins and interact. Track Your Pinterest Referrals Make sure you are checking your pinterest traffic on your website analytics reporting.  It will be slow at first but the more friends you make, the more you pin, the more referrals you will get.  The more traffic you see, the more encouraged you will be to use Pinterest. Are you using Pinterest yet?  What\'s your favorite aspect of Pinterest?

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Should Mom Bloggers Have an Email Subscription Option?

Beyond • May 9, 2012

I started my mom blog about two years ago and I have been growing my traffic steadily ever since. One of the things I did to take my blog to the next level was add an email subscription option. I avoided this step for the first year not because I was too lazy or didn\'t know how to add the email subscription option to my blog but because I thought it would hurt my blog traffic. I thought that if people got my email, they wouldn\'t come to my blog because they would just read it all there. Boy, was I wrong! An Email Subscription Option Will Drive Traffic to Your Blog I finally decided to go ahead and add an email subscription option to my blog and see what happened. That was one decision that has really paid off. A few minutes of my time to add the email subscription option to my mom blog equaled a whole lot more traffic for my blog - often in my top 10 traffic producers. I theorize that people who subscribe to your blog become a most loyal reader because they see your quality content so often. Really, most people don\'t have time to visit all their favorite sites everyday but they do try to check their email, and if your blog link happens to be there it is way more likely they will check your blog out. A Few Ways to Convert Email Readers to Traffic Always include at least one link to your blog in your email. Your readers will never make it to your blog if you don\'t make it easy for them. I suggest you have at least three points of interest and links in your email so that there is something for everyone. If your subscription method does not allow you to add links and customize, then make sure your blog post has links within it to other relevant posts so there is always a reason to visit your blog. Host a few giveaways on your blog now and then that the readers need to go to in order to comment and earn an entry. Offering an entry for being a subscriber is a great way to reward current subscribers and grow your subscriber list. If you have a WordPress blog, another little tip is having the Comment Luv plugin. This plugin rewards readers for leaving comments on your blog by giving them a link back to one of their recent posts. That is a great incentive to visit your blog. I have done a lot of other things to help take my blog to the next level as well but since I added an email subscription option to my mom blog, my traffic has gone up 50%. I hope you experience this kind of growth as well. Remember to just keep on plugging!

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