Cool Stuff Up in Benchmark’s Business – the Weekly Wrap

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The Super Bowl gets heavy play in this week’s wrap. There will be no mention of the winning team. I learned that I should not use my public forum to hate on the Packers and their fans. Karma bit me in the behind on that one. Hopefully the rest of you made the right bets on the game. If not, there’s plenty of great info on email marketing that is sure to help you earn some extra cash. Not that we condone gambling or anything.

Do You Update Your Contact List Regularly?

I received a phone call that made me sorely miss college. It was a result of being left on a list that hadn’t been updated. Indiana University Athletics asked me to buy season tickets. They didn’t know I wasn’t a student anymore, or that I now live in California. Avoid this situation with your subscribers. Do You Update Your Email List Regularly?

Make History with a Black History Month Email Template

I like how cool it is to honor something that has a continually changing history. You could extend this idea into your own email campaign on Black History Month. Tell your subscribers who you think should be honored and use a Black History Month Email Template.

A Stately Presidents Day Email Template

I’m looking forward to Presidents Day and a day off of work, but there’s more on that later. For now, honor our U.S. Presidents with this Presidents Day Email Template.

National Foundation Day Template

February 11 is National Foundation Day. It’s a good opportunity to visit your Japanese subscribers’ inboxes. Check out the National Foundation Day Email Template.

Benchmark Wants to Showcase Cool Stuff for Your Small Business

Everyone misses things from their childhood. Benchmark is bringing back one of my all time favorites: show and tell. Except it’s our version of it. Benchmark Offers B2B Opportunity with Cool Stuff for Small Business.

What’s the Difference Between Opt-in Email Marketing and Bulk Email?

Unlike potato/po-tah-to and tomato/to-mah-to there is only one right answer to this question. So, What Distinguishes Opt-In Email Marketing from Bulk Email?

What Email Marketers Can Learn from the Super Bowl Ads – Part 1

What did I learn from watching the Super Bowl Ads this year? For one, my dad and his friends still think a shot below the belt is hilarious. See what Email Marketers Can Learn from the Super Bowl Ads.

Eight Times More Americans Prefer Email Marketing Over Social Media

In the world of marketing, email is the popular kid. At least that’s what one report says. 8x More Americans Prefer Email Marketing Over Social Media.

Support Update: Lost Login?

If I had a quarter for every time I forgot my login to a website, I could have a field day at an arcade. Or do all my laundry. We’ve got an easy solution. Find out how to Locate Lost Login Information.

Chrysler Prompts Email Marketers to Reconsider Message

Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” commercial had people talking. It was more than wondering how someone who proclaimed they don’t do commercials was in yet another Super Bowl commercial. Some of it was good, some bad. See how Chrysler Prompts Email Marketers to Reconsider Message.

What Email Marketers Can Learn from the Super Bowl Ads – Part 2

There are a few universal truths out there. One, is that if you sing “Sweet Caroline” in public, people are going to do the buh buh buhs. Another is that it is impossible not to sing along to “Tiny Dancer.” See how this applies to the Super Bowl ads. Email Marketers, Take a Page from the Super Bowl Playbook.

What Are Spam Traps and How Do You Avoid Them?

Stay out of the traps. Good advice for a golfer. Also for an email marketer. So, What Are Spam Traps and How Do You Avoid Them?

No Phone Support on Presidents Day, February 21

We are always here for you. Except when we’re not. We will be honoring Presidents Day on February 21. For those of you that still have to do work on this day, there will be email and chat support available. Find out the Benchmark Email Presidents Day Support Hours.

Great Ideas for HTML Email Templates

Email marketing is easy to do. We make sure of it. Thinking of great campaigns to send out isn’t always as easy. Check out these Great Ideas for HTML Email Templates.

Benchmark Presents: Email Marketing Best Practices and Trends

You’ll probably read this guide because it has a ton of great information. I’ll read it because I like the cover. Don’t judge me. Benchmark Presents: Email Marketing Best Practices and Trends.

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