Email Newsletter Awards: Best Design

Reading Time: 1 Minute Beyond

In the film Gosford Park, Maggie Smith’s snobby Countess puts down a frumpy woman’s evening gown by snarking, “Difficult color, green”.

She wasn’t kidding.

Email marketing campaigns by the truckload have tried and failed with the color, but every once in a while, someone gets it right. And when it happens, we celebrate.

Introducing our Best Design Award winner, Echostore, a shop that sells all-natural products for sustainable, earth-conscious living. Instead of overwhelming customers with a brash palette of gauche greens, Echostore instinctively went the subdued route, and the result is nothing less than marvelous.

The very theme of this award-winning template is clean, and we’re not just talking about Lemongrass-scented cleansers. From the sleek-yet-readable font to the modern interior in the background, Echostore’s email campaign is a perfect blend of style, simplicity, and a serious eye for what will wow subscribers.

You can see the web-version of this Best Design Award winner’s email campaign in the Benchmark Community.

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