Energized By Grid Modernization Engineer Tirthak Saha

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When preparing to interview Tirthak Saha, we saw him say in an interview that he’d once been called “tictac.”

However, by the end of the interview with us, he admitted he hoped his work would make him the household name that Elon Musk is today.

I gotta say after talking to him for a while, I believe him.

Besides being so good at his job as a Grid Modernization Engineer that he was recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30, he proved more than adept at breaking down the jargon-y barriers to entry for understanding what he does. We could have peppered him with questions all day long.

At 26, he’s already worked with NASA on satellites inspired by origami, and he is the Co-Founder and Chair of the Innovation Advocacy Network for American Electric Power.

Not all heroes wear capes, but if Tirthak did, he would probably pull it off.

I’m just very arrogant, right. You have to turn that self-arrogance into something positive. Into what people call drive. My biggest fear, to date actually, is to die without having left a positive legacy. I don’t care if it’s three people or three hundred people talking about me after I die, but I want them to say he left the planet better than he found it. If it is significantly better, that’s even better. It doesn’t matter what the magnitude of the thing I do in my life is. It matters that it’s in the right direction. And when you have that sort of a mindset, you never stop pushing, right? Because you’re always unsure. Have I done enough to be on the right side of the books?

  • 1:50 – What it means to be a Grid Modernization Engineer
  • 6:11 – Innovation through partnerships and cooperation versus competition
  • 14:58 – On how to dream big enough
  • 32:15 – Whether working in his space has left him hopeful or fearful for the future


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