A estas alturas ya debes haber oído hablar de la automatización del marketing. Algunos pueden verlo como la palabra de moda del momento y otros, pueden estar tomándolo muy en serio, pero ¿qué es y por qué es importante?

La automatización de marketing como tal, se refiere a una pieza de software que permite (como su nombre lo indica) automatizar acciones o procesos de ventas y marketing.

El alcance de las acciones puede variar desde dar la bienvenida a tus nuevos suscriptores hasta la segmentación de los clientes potenciales que se hayan ido a la deriva. Generalmente, hasta dónde puedas llegar, dependerá de la naturaleza de tu negocio y creatividad.

Lo que es cierto es que la automatización del marketing hace que las tareas repetitivas tanto de marketing como de ventas se realicen con poco esfuerzo.

Una declaración con la que los marketers están de acuerdo, según la información de VB insight, es la siguiente; tres cuartas partes de los marketers afirman que el mayor beneficio de la automatización es el ahorro de tiempo. Así mismo, otros beneficios incluyen una mayor participación de los clientes (68%), comunicaciones más oportunas (58%) y mayores oportunidades como son las ventas adicionales (58%).

¿Qué puedes hacer con esto?

What to use marketing automation for

I use this phrase more than I’d like to, but: The possibilities are endless.

Nurturing your customers helps them be more engaged with your business or product and Offering them what you know is needed to convert them at the right time can be a game changer for your business or product.

Actions like turning a one-time customer into a repeat customer, upselling, cross-selling, cycle-based selling, etc. Are strategies that if automated will not only give you more time to focus on getting new leads but always keep the machine going.

Are you In need of customer feedback? You can take your marketing game to the next level by giving users that completed your survey a special ‘thank you’ offer, and even think of a reward program if they share your content.

Conducting awesome strategies like these without automation would require a large amount of time and leave other important strategies neglected in the background.


Fear of Marketing Automation in some marketers is very real and sometimes understandably so. Usually, when you hear of all the great things you can do with MA it can be very exciting, but for some, it can quickly get intimidating especially once they start thinking of the time they have to set aside to define things such as content and customer flows.

#FOMA Fear Of Marketing Automation

Overcoming this fear is actually very simple, once you find out that: Four in five users increased their leads by using marketing automation software and almost as many (77%) saw an increase in conversions. That is a lot of saved time for sales and marketing.

So, this fear may be depriving you of reaping great benefits that you could be in need of.

Should you invest in Marketing Automation?

Can Marketing Automation be beneficial to your business? In very simple terms: yes it can.

Now, Should you invest in marketing automation? That’s for you to answer, but ask yourself before you decide: Do you see an opportunity to grow indicators such as the number of qualified leads you generate? Do you think you can get more from your customers by engaging in a smarter way with them? Do you see steps of your sales funnel that are neglected and need nurturing?

A smart thing to do is to calculate your Customer Lifetime Value to help you understand how much you should invest in acquiring new customers and retaining them, our friends at Shopify did a great job on making a step by step guide on how to figure that number out.

At Benchmark, if you already use Benchmark Email Pro you will have access to our automation platform: Automation Pro at no extra cost, all templates, all actions.

We believe in how much it will benefit our customers that we have created a series of live weekly webinars where we answer all questions you may have about Automation Pro and marketing automation in general.

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