The season to be jolly is right around the corner!

That’s right! Holiday cups are back at Starbucks, Christmas music is already playing in every store. Decorations are right around the corner, if not already here.

It always feels too early to start celebrating the holidays, but it’s never too soon to plan your holiday email marketing design.

Holiday Email Templates

Who doesn’t enjoy spreading some holiday cheer?

Benchmark Email helps you get your email marketing in the holiday spirit with dozens of festive holiday email templates.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using a holiday email template:

  • Stay true to your branding. Don’t make your logo a color your subscribers have never seen it before, just to match the holiday motif. Same goes for buttons and other colors that are consistent across your email campaigns. Dress it up for the holidays, but don’t become something unrecognizable to your subscribers.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be the house on the block with lights covering every square inch of the exterior and lawn with lights. You can’t look at that house without sunglasses.
  • Don’t limit it to the template. Extend the holiday cheer to your subject line as well. That way it won’t be a surprise when your subscribers open your holiday email.

Templates To Automate

Aside from the great holiday email templates available to you, we’ve also created strategy templates to let you automate your holiday email marketing.

You can send a promotion and follow-up with your subscribers based on if they opened the email, clicked a link or visited a specific page on your website.

Don’t wait for 2018 to take your email marketing to the next level. Get a head start on your New Year’s resolution and close out 2017 strong.

We also put together some tips and ideas for your Christmas and Chanukah marketing campaigns to be automated.

Share Your Tips

Have you run a successful holiday email marketing campaign in the past? Or maybe a favorite one you’ve received?

Share your tips in the comments. We love to hear them!

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