One Concierge: Your Wish is Their Command

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Say you want to meet the president. Or you live on the East Coast and you’re craving In N Out. Maybe you want to a last minute suite at the Super Bowl. Whether you’re looking to live the life of luxury or a business looking to gain networking access, this week’s guest, Arman Motiwalla, on the Heart of Business has the solution for you. One Concierge is a global concierge and lifestyle management company. They won’t get you a killer whale, but they might get you in the same room as your favorite celebrities or help take your business to the next level.

I could have talked to Arman for hours, trying to get him to spill on some of the craziest requests from One Concierge members. It was a great lesson in networking and we loved having Arman on the podcast. Listen and enjoy!

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