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Customize a Tasty Email Template: July Is National Hot Dog Month

Beyond • October 29, 2011

July is National Hot Dog Month. It makes perfect sense. July is the peak of summer. You can’t walk through any neighborhood without the smell of a backyard BBQ wafting through the air. What doesn’t make sense is how people can put ketchup on a hot dog. That is blasphemy, people! And while I do enjoy both bacon and hot dogs, sorry LA, but bacon wrapped hot dogs are not my jam. Without further adieu, the recipe for an authentic Chicago dog (i.e. the only way a hot dog should ever be prepared): Steamed kosher-style, all-beef hotdog Poppy seed bun (it won’t taste the same on a regular bun or even sesame seed) Yellow mustard (nothing too fancy) Chopped white onion Sweet pick relish (if it’s not radioactive green, it’s not the real deal) Dill pickle spear Tomato slices Celery salt Sport peppers Now that you know how to make a hot dog the right way, you can celebrate National Hot Dog Month with your subscribers. Customize a Benchmark email template for National Hot Dog Month. Share this recipe with them, and spread the word on the way a hot dog was meant to be eaten. Besides, the hot dog subject lines practically write themselves.

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Customize an Email Template for National Dessert Day!

Beyond • October 11, 2011

The old joke goes: Calories don’t count on [insert excuse to indulge here]. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but calories always count. Sorry. BUT...if there was one day when they wouldn’t, it would most certainly be National Dessert Day. Calories may still count, but we can all pretend they don’t for one day. This October 14, encourage your subscribers to treat themselves to some dessert. Restaurants obviously have the easiest path for an email campaign on this day. Add a coupon to your email for a free dessert with the purchase of an entree. It’s dessert, people. Use photos. Let dessert speak for itself! For non-food related industries, National Dessert Day still provides some marketing opportunities. The spirit of the day is to treat oneself to something he or she wouldn’t ordinarily partake in. That can be shopping, a new activity or anything else. The fitness industry can even benefit from an occasion like National Dessert Day. They could send a campaign promoting a class or new workout routine that will allow people to enjoy National Dessert Day guilt free! Benchmark has HTML email templates for any occasion! Check them out by following the link to our custom newsletter page.

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Check out Benchmark’s Columbus Day Email Templates

Beyond • October 5, 2011

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 2011, I wrote about it and was truly in heaven. Hyperbole aside, Columbus Day is a big deal. Sure, he wasn’t literally the first person to set foot on American soil. He did sail three ships across the Atlantic Ocean in one of the (arguably) most important adventures in history. Life as I know it in the US would not be the same had Columbus not taken that voyage. In the spirit of adventure, do something new with your email marketing in honor of Columbus Day this October 10. Try out a new email template. Go for a different voice with your content. Do something that will stand out and honor explorers who discover new worlds. Perhaps your adventurous email campaign will open up a whole new world of sales. The new adventure may not need to come from you either. You could inspire your subscribers to try something new. A product of yours they wouldn’t have otherwise thought they needed. Open some eyes. Hopefully both you and your subscribers will experience some novelty this Columbus Day. Benchmark has HTML email templates for any occasion! Check them out by following the link to our custom newsletter page.

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Benchmark Email’s Rock, Flag and Weekly Wrap

Beyond • June 10, 2011

There is a heatwave going on across most of the country. If you’re inside glued to your AC, the least you can do is learn something. Stick around for a song from my favorite character on TV, Charlie Kelly. New Feature: 6 New Benchmark Email Video Tutorials! When I don’t know how to do something on my computer, I watch a video on YouTube to help me learn. You can do the same thing. This week we posted 6 New Benchmark Email Video Tutorials! New PDF Manual on Creating an Email Marketing Plan Without a good email marketing plan, all of the advice we put in the wrap every week would be for naught (unless you’re only reading it for the pop culture references or you work at Benchmark Email). Luckily, we have a new manual just for that. Check out the New PDF Manual on Creating an Email Marketing Plan. 5 Drip Campaign Mistakes to Avoid If you didn’t know anything about email marketing, or what a drip campaign was, you’d probably still click on this post. That’s because no matter what, drip mistakes sound like something that should be avoided at all costs, right? Read about the 5 Drip Campaign Mistakes to Avoid. 5 Things to Consider when Viewing Your Open Rates Open rates are one of the biggest metrics people look at. Do you know what to look for? Discover the 5 Things to Consider when Viewing Your Open Rates. Email Template Design Tips: Comic Sans and Vomit Green If you read the words \"vomit green\" and cringed as much as I did, you’ll understand why that color shouldn’t be used in your email campaigns. Find out the other mistakes to avoid with this round of Email Template Design Tips. Celebrate Flag Day on June 14 with a Custom Email Template Any fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will know there is one special song that can honor Flag Day like no other: I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna kick a little (expletive deleted)/ gonna give some (expletive deleted) in the USA/ gonna climb a mountain, gonna sew a flag/ gonna fly on an eagle. I’m gonna kick some butt/ I’m gonna drive a big truck. I’m gonna rule this world/ I’m gonna kick some (expletive deleted), I’m gonna rise up/ I’m gonna kick a little (expletive deleted). ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!!!!! So, fly on an eagle and Celebrate Flag Day on June 14 with a Custom Email Template. Will iCloud and iOS 5 Change Your Email Marketing? Hal has the answer to that question, but there’s one thing that I can tell you first. Make sure you read your service agreements (the three other South Park fans that read this will laugh at that). So, Will iCloud and iOS 5 Change Your Email Marketing? 4 Easy Ways to Build Your Email Marketing Permission List Surprisingly, saying “pretty please with sugar on top” didn’t make the list. High five to anyone that read that and immediately thought of the Wolf in Pulp Fiction. Find out the 4 Easy Ways to Build Your Email Marketing Permission List. 5 Important Tips for Your Email Marketing Poll Last week we learned the difference between surveys and polls. Armed with that knowledge, now you can expand our knowledge on polls. Check out these 5 Important Tips for Your Email Marketing Poll. Should You Use More than One IP for Your Email Marketing Purposes? If you read this headline and thought: “I don’t even know what an IP is, much less know if I need more than one for my email marketing purposes,” you’re in luck. This post starts off by explaining what an IP address is, and then answers the question: Should You Use More than One IP for Your Email Marketing Purposes?

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What to Look for in a New Email Template

Beyond • June 2, 2011

When small businesses decide to utilize email marketing, one of the most important choices they have to make is which template to use for their campaigns. Email has come a long way from being just a static medium and as a result a number of options are available to those looking for a template to fit their business. An email template should not only offer the latest in multi-media capabilities but it should also be flexible and, among other things, match the style of your business. Here are 5 things to look for in a new email template: 1. Flexibility Make sure to find a template with a number of format options for you to choose from. When looking for a new template, it’s important to remember that with the changes in format, there may also be other unforeseen changes with categorization or content. Find a template that best suits your current needs and also engages new modules or sections without any issues. 2. Multi-Media Capabilities The prodigious evolution of the internet demands that your template have current multi-media capabilities. That means engaging video, audio, images and social media options in a simple yet effective way. And while social networks are getting a lot of attention these days, email is still more effective and returns a higher ROI than any medium. Email has come a long way from its static beginnings and your new template should represent that. 3. Formats Currently, one of the primary benefits of email marketing for small businesses is the ability to easily share content to a massive audience across a broad spectrum of devices. In this way your email marketing newsletter is spread throughout various social media platforms to potential clients and your target audience. Having said that, it is essential that your email template look good in all formats. Choose a template that not only displays well on a PC at home but also on a tablet or smartphone. Remember that mobile devices will limit the viewing capability of users and restrict the visibility of your email to the essentials. Carefully choose the template that caters to the specifics needs of your email marketing campaign. 4. Style The author Charles Bukowski once said, “Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it.” Now, in the world of email marketing there aren’t too many things that would be considered dangerous but there are admittedly some dull moments that could use a little flare. Find a template that is appropriate for your business and is best suited for its operations. A business will be critiqued not only for its products and services but often for its aesthetic, especially by those new to the brand. 5. Holiday themes Aside from videos of dancing babies and cats, nothing will tickle the senses of subscribers like holiday themes. Festive color schemes can go a long way; when you’re able to adjust the template to have brown and orange during the fall, or red, white and green during Christmas, you can simply create more personable messages. It is a small but critical adjustment when customizing your business’s aesthetic appeal. In the end, it comes down to deciding which template will best fulfill the desired aesthetics and functionality that your business needs. Make sure you consider these 5 key factors when designing your next email template. Download free HTML email templates from Benchmark Email.

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The Weekly Macho Wrap

Beyond • May 27, 2011

If you take away one thing from this week’s wrap, I hope it’s that there is such a thing as National Candy Month. If you take away more, there’s a whole slew of great email marketing knowledge to choose from. Top 5 Web Conferencing Software Solutions I know that Benchmark Email users have found great value in attending our webinars. It gives them a live walkthrough of our software and a person on the line to answer any questions they might have. You may be able to find similar value for your business. Get started by checking out the Top 5 Web Conferencing Software Solutions. A Marketing Tribute to a Macho Man It is my hope that someone reads this blog and goes to their design team and tells them that they need their campaigns to be more Macho Man Randy Savage. To find out why they would do that, read A Marketing Tribute to a Macho Man. Helping App Developers to Succeed with Email Marketing I’m all for app developers succeeding with email marketing. Especially if it means more and faster updates to Angry Birds. I’ve already got 3 stars on every level. That’s why I’m a big proponent of Helping App Developers to Succeed with Email Marketing. Engaging User Interest with Professional Survey Software I’m including this in the weekly wrap because two posts down you’ll see how this could actually be applied in a real life situation. It’s almost like we planned that. Find out the importance of Engaging User Interest with Professional Survey Software. WordPress and Facebook Plugins Can Help Grow Your Online Business I’m writing about this because after seeing the headline I got the Glade Plugin jingle stuck in my head: “Plug it in, plug it in.” Now that it’s stuck in your heads too, the only way to get it out is by reading this blog post about how WordPress and Facebook Plugins Can Help Grow Your Online Business. Charter Communications’ Email Prefers Rhetoric over Reason Sure, part of the reason in my writing of this article was to educate our readers. The other part was that I was secretly hoping Charter would read it and offer me cheaper (or free) cable. Hasn’t worked yet. At least you can still learn from their mistakes. Read about how Charter Communications’ Email Prefers Rhetoric over Reason. Email Marketing Templates: The Benefits of Social Network Templates If you guys haven’t noticed yet, everything is about me whenever possible. I’m not quite at the T.O. “I love me some me” status, but hey we all do it. I just have a forum to write about it constantly. So, as someone that works in social media, I’m thrilled when we can make email all about social. Narcissism aside, check out The Benefits of Social Network Templates. Innocuous Subject Lines that Identify Your Dentistry as a Spammer I really only included this one as a matter of being fair. Our next post is about National Candy Month. Besides, I thought dentists only contact you with a postcard with a giant cartoon tooth on it. For dentists that do use email, read about Innocuous Subject Lines that Identify Your Dentistry as a Spammer. Customize a Benchmark Email Template for National Candy Month! Now that I’m an adult, I can eat candy for breakfast if I wanted. I won’t, but I could if I wanted. I’ll have to figure out some other way to celebrate this month dedicated to candy. For starters, you could Customize a Benchmark Email Template for National Candy Month! Crafting the Best Winery ‘Cart Abandonment Email’ Strategy I can’t be the only one to point out that if they’re forgetting about things in their online shopping cart, maybe wine isn’t the best answer. Right? I’m joking. I do some online shopping and get distracted or click away to another page all the time. Partly because I have ADD (not that I drink too much wine) and partly because it happens to everyone. To avoid this, learn about Crafting the Best Winery ‘Cart Abandonment Email’ Strategy.

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New Boxing Day Templates for the Holiday of Champions

New Boxing Day Templates for the Holiday of Champions

Beyond • December 21, 2010

I was asked to write a holiday blog for Boxing Day. While I have certainly heard of its existence, I have no idea what Boxing Day is. I do have some guesses. Some make more sense than others. Guess Number One: Logic and Reasoning Lots of holidays involve presents. Lots of presents come in boxes. See where I\'m going with this? Guess Number Two: Too Literal? Boxing has shrunk in popularity in the US but perhaps other countries like it enough to give it its own holiday. Take a day off work and celebrate two red gloved opponents pummeling each other. I\'m for that holiday. Guess Number Three: Is That Really Holiday Worthy? Perhaps Boxing Day is the one day of the year that everyone in the country is supposed to move. They give everyone the day off, you load all your belongings into boxes and move on to your next dwelling. No? Guess Number Four: Date Based, Combined with Guess One Boxing Day takes place the day after Christmas. This is the day that everyone throws their unwanted gifts back into their boxes and takes them back to the store to return them. What Is It Really? There are a few theories on the origins of Boxing Day. One is that workers were forced to work Christmas Day, but could have the following day off. Their employers would give them gift baskets before they went off to their families. Another involves boxes in churches used to collect for charity. However it started, it now often serves as a holiday to honor service workers (mailman, doorman, etc). It\'s a bank holiday and also a day off work in most countries that Boxing Day is celebrated. In the UK, Boxing Day is similar to their Black Friday. Free Benchmark Boxing Day template from Benchmark Email View all Email Templates Whether you celebrate Black Friday or you were as clueless as I was, you can wish your subscribers a Happy Boxing Day (is that even what you say to people?) with a Benchmark Boxing Day template. I think it would be fun if you all made your own guesses and shared them with your subscribers. Also, share them in the comments. I\'d love to hear your guesses. A Merry Boxing Day to you all too! Check out more December and holiday email templates by following the link.

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