Here Are The New Tools & Features We Brought To You in 2016

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It has been a very busy year for all of us here at Benchmark (and we’re sure for you as well). Sometimes, we need to reflect back on all that we’ve done, to see how far we’ve come. So that’s just what we’ll do.

Benchmark Email Officially Available in France: Now your email marketing needs can be treated the same way as your fries and toast.

Benchmark French site

Code Editor Improvements: Auto-Saving & Live Preview: Now, if you headbang while listening to metal as you code, you’re not at risk of losing any work when you rock into the computer a little too hard and it shuts down. Plus you can see your work as you go.

Code Editor

New Template Integrations for Etsy, Pinterest, LinkedIn, eBay, Twitter and Facebook Events: Easily integrate the marketing and sales efforts you’re already undertaking on other platforms with your email marketing. These templates integrations will pull in your data and let you increase the reach of your engagement efforts.

Facebook Events template integration

New Integrations for Wufoo, CRM and eCommerce: Automatically import data from your forms, CRM and eCommerce stores with these integrations. That leaves you so much more time to learn French and then use the Benchmark site in that language to practice!

Email Marketing Integrations

New Automations: You can now create a more personalized feel for your subscribers with automations based on engagement. Send automated follow-ups based on if they open emails or click on specific links.


Popup Signup Forms: Now, you can connect with a potential subscriber at the exact moment they would be most likely to sign up. Use our new simple and highly customizable signup form editor and watch your list grow.

Popup Signup Forms

Automation Pro: It’s finally here! Automation Pro is our most powerful tool to date. Use a digital canvas to create automated customer journeys with ease. Automatically send follow-ups based on engagement, move subscribers from one list to another and more.

Are you ready for a smarter way to engage with your customers?

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