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For many, the gateway to email marketing is via the newsletter. It’s a type of campaign that almost everyone understands and sees in his or her inbox each and every day.

In fact, newsletters top the list for types of email campaigns used. According to Pardot, 66% of email marketers send newsletters, followed by promotional content at 54% and a welcome email at 42%.

For the marketer looking to begin a newsletter, or revamp the one they currently have, it all begins with the newsletter template.

We understand that between email marketing, social media, PPC, retargeting and the many other marketing strategies on your plate, you may not have as much time as you’d like to browse the many newsletter templates offered by Benchmark.

A practical approach for selecting the right template is to gain an understanding of what others are doing well. That’s why we’ve selected a few of our favorites to highlight as examples of successful newsletters.

Templates That Inform


This is a daily newsletter, which I read every morning without fail. Because of this frequency, I know that the lead Thrillist story is always the new or top content posted that day. Sometimes I’ve read that story before I even get out of bed. It tells me the best new restaurants that have opened lately, events going on in my city and sometimes there are crazy stories from bartenders, waiters or flight attendants.

The template succeeds in sharing content and informing me on what’s available to do come date night. Check it out:

Thrillist Newsletter

Templates That Sell


I stumbled upon Bullymake in pursuit of chew toys that my pitbull/lab mix could not destroy in minutes. I quickly identified with the bully breed owner vibe of the company. After two months of my Bullymake subscription, I had acquired a stockpile of indestructible toys and couldn’t see adding to it every month. So, I canceled my subscription to Bullymake but did not unsubscribe to their newsletters.

That’s because their template enables them to connect with me on an emotional, dog-loving level…

Bullymake Newsletter header

…and if still does a good job of showing me what I could purchase from their website outside of the subscription box model.

Bullymake Newsletter second section

Not only that, the section below even sells their subscription model.

Bullymake newsletter subscription sale

Templates That Engage


This weekly newsletter from ActionRocket is branded as #emailweekly. The template features the same top block with personalized copy that welcomes you each and every week. Next, there are six blocks sharing their favorite email marketing posts from the past week. If I were writing this post two months ago, I’d show you this template and include it in the Templates That Inform category:

Action Rocket newsletter (old)

However, the email marketing geniuses at ActionRocket have taken a turn that engages their subscribers. They’re doing a live, on-going redesign of their #emailweekly newsletter. It should be noted that a long history of quality weekly newsletters earned them the right to try things out with their subscribers. Because of this, I eagerly await each new #emailweekly newsletter to see the latest progress in the redesign. Subscribe to see how to work towards a new newsletter template for #emailweekly.

ActionRocket Engaging Newslettersac

What have we learned?

A good newsletter template has content that engages above the fold. That hero image, story or general warm welcome that brings you into the newsletter from the get go. It also does a good job of sharing additional content that helps support the goals of the newsletter.

How you select the best newsletter template for your business comes down to answering a few simple questions:

  • Does the template support the goal of your newsletter?
  • Can the template be customized to support your branding?
  • Does the layout match that of your website or at least give a similar feeling?

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