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This Weekly Wrap Is Made for You and Me

Beyond • June 17, 2011

I must be getting old. I went from my usual pop culture references to dad jokes in this weekly wrap. I even make a “This Land Is Your Land” reference. What is happening? Designing Email Templates for Men and Women I started to write a “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” joke here, but then I realized it wasn’t ten years ago and it probably wasn’t going to be funny (or maybe that’s just my excuse for not coming up with a good enough joke). Gender is a good factor to take into account when segmenting your email campaigns. Learn about Designing Email Templates for Men and Women. Email Personalization? Only if You Know Me, Please It sounds to me like Paul is starting to notice that Big Brother is watching and he doesn’t necessarily like it. Oh yeah. That was a 1984 reference (not the outdated TV show). I swear I’ll work in a more current reference soon. Until then find out what had Paul saying, Email Personalization? Only if You Know Me, Please. The State of Email on Its 50th Anniversary in 2015 You may say, how can Hal possibly know what it’s going to be like in 2015? If you frequently read Hal’s posts on our blog, you would know it’s entirely possible that he has these capabilities. He never ceases to amaze us with his knowledge and wit. I’m saying he might be able to see the future. You don’t need any other reason to read about The State of Email on Its 50th Anniversary in 2015. Support Update: What Is the Benchmark Free Edition? We’re telling you there’s a free edition of Benchmark Email. Do I even need to say something witty to get you to read about it? Check out Michelle’s latest Support Update: What Is the Benchmark Free Edition? How Small Businesses Can Attract Quality Recruits A friend was just telling me that her roommate has Rubik’s Cube Expert listed on their resume. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that would qualify as a quality recruit in your book. Children’s toy experts aside, find out How Small Businesses Can Attract Quality Recruits. Telltale Games Hires Knotice: Video Games and Email Marketing True story: I almost failed out of college my freshman year due to excessive playing of Halo. So you could imagine my excitement when I read a headline involving video games. For all my fellow video game nerds, check out Telltale Games Hires Knotice: Video Games and Email Marketing. Walgreens’ Autoresponder Campaign Has My Order Backwards I was very proud of my internet prowess the other day, until Walgreens almost had me pulling my hair out. Thankfully, the end result was not bald Andy. I would end up getting my autographed photo of Earth, Wind and Fire, but not before Walgreens’ Autoresponder Campaign Had My Order Backwards. Encourage Your Patrons to Share Your Restaurant Email Content You might drink too much tequila if you see the word patron in the context of a restaurant and don’t think of customers. It doesn’t even make sense as the tequila when you make it plural. Nevertheless...that just happened. While I hang my head in shame, find out how to Encourage Your Patrons to Share Your Restaurant Email Content. Yahoo Mail’s New Ad Targeting Software Puts the User in Control Sometimes you can hear a word a thousand times and never think twice about it, but then you really look at it and it just seems so weird. Yahoo is one of those words for me. My apologies if you waste the next 20 minutes of your life staring at the word Yahoo. When you get done with that, see how Yahoo Mail’s New Ad Targeting Software Puts the User in Control. New Event Marketing Manual from Benchmark Email! This land was made for you and me and, according to Pierce in this article, email marketing was made for event planning. I guess I missed that part of the song. It must be true though. Pierce hasn’t ever given me a reason to doubt him. Check out the New Event Marketing Manual from Benchmark Email!

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Yahoo Mail’s New Ad Targeting Software Puts the User in Control

Beyond • June 15, 2011

If you need more proof of how competitors are constantly watching one another, you have it right here. In what a few spectators are calling a move to follow in Google’s footsteps, Yahoo! has given its popular webmail product some significant enhancements. The internet giant recently launched an update that promises to improve the email experience for its users and make it more profitable for its advertising partners. From Email Security to Email Targeting So what’s new? Well for starters, Yahoo! will be utilizing the same keyword scanning technology it uses to identify spam, malware and phishing emails to create targeted advertisements across its ad network and within the mail product. The search company is hoping that the new improved system will increase ad interaction among email users who are viewing advertisements that are more relevant to them. This scan technology will also be employed to scan instant messages and SMS text messages that come through Yahoo’s other messaging clients. To no surprise the mere thought of email scanning and sharing data with third-party partners has brought up talk of privacy concerns. Apparently this is something Yahoo! was prepared for as the updated Mail product will require users to consent to the target advertising by opting-in, allowing them to control the ads they receive via the company’s new Ad Interest Manager. Even more interesting is the addition of an application that provides a way for users to easily opt-out of the newsletters and mailing lists they are subscribed to. Instead of going through the process of clicking a link and traveling out of the inbox, users will be able to unsubscribe to email communications by simply dragging and dropping a message to a folder that automatically handles the opt-out procedure. How Email Marketers Are Affected According to David McDowell, Yahoo Mail Senior Director of Product Management, the new opt-in-based permissions policy applies to all of the company’s communications products, including the updated webmail client, Yahoo Messenger and its mobile applications. McDowell said the decision to put more control in the hands of the user is related to the fact that consumers these days are bogged down with so many email messages. While the policy will certainly help users who want to clear out the clutter, it could make it harder for some email marketers to make an impact in the inbox. With the ability to easily unsubscribe from mailings, senders whose content lacks relevance may not only be tuned out, but lose subscribers in the form of those who decide to use the new drag-and-drop function to opt-out. The new version of Yahoo Mail, which was launched as a beta product to select users last October, will be rolled out to the company’s 280 million plus users around the globe in the coming weeks. While the internet powerhouse is obviously looking for a way to drive up advertising revenue, improving targeting through email scanning clearly could not work without easing the consumer’s privacy fears in the process. As a result of Yahoo’s mission to keep both its advertisers and user base happy, email marketers will have to step up their game and increase the focus on relevance.

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