The 26 Thanksgiving/Christmas Days In Email Marketing Statistics

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There are 26 days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so what better way to wrap up the year by listing the 26 most impressive statistics dealing with email marketing in 2013? Listing them for every day between those two big holidays provides you with a holiday calendar of particular interest to savvy email brand marketers as the ones who learn valuable lessons to apply to their own campaigns from all these facts and figures are going to have the happiest holiday season of all … as they enjoy a bigger green stack than the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

  • November 29. Subject lines shorter than 10 characters (!!!) obtain an open rate of 58%.
  • November 30. 33% of email recipients state that the subject line alone is the criterion to open a commercial email.
  • December 1. Including a social sharing button will increase your Click Through Rate by 158%.
  • December 2. A total of 416 commercial messages a month are received by the average email user.
  • December 3. The total number of email accounts has exceeded 3.6 billion and is on track to hit 4.3 billion in 2016.
  • December 4. 95% of all consumers who are active online use email.
  • December 5. The number of people checking their email at least once a day exceeds 91%.
  • December 6. Each internet user in the United States has an average of 3.1 email accounts.
  • December 7. There will be 236.8 million US email users by 2017, representing over 7 out of every 10 Americans.
  • December 8. The worldwide email audience will grow from 2.42 billion this year to 2.76 billion by 2017, or nearly 2 out of every 5 people on Earth.
  • December 9. 78% of polled brand marketers stated that retention is the primary purpose of email marketing programs.
  • December 10. 89% of polled brand marketers stated that email was important to their overall business strategies.
  • December 11. 64% of top decision-makers prefer to view their emails on mobile devices.
  • December 12. 56% of all American businesses intend to increase their use of email marketing next year.
  • December 13. In the prior week, 7 in 10 people have used a coupon or discount received in a marketing email.
  • December 14. 70% of email users state that they always open emails from their favorite brands, while only 18% insist that they never read commercial emails.
  • December 15. The mobile tipping point is not quite here yet, as 55.2% of worldwide users open email on desktop computers.
  • December 16. Google Fans buck that trend since an overwhelming 66% of Gmail opens occur on mobile devices, with only 19% opened on the desktop.
  • December 17. 93% of all online users receive at least one permission-based email marketing message every day.
  • December 18. Emails that deal with finances and travel are opened more frequently than in any other category.
  • December 19. B2B marketing professionals around the world were asked which was the most useful metric to determine their email campaign performance and 61% stated Click Through Rate, compared with just 48% of their B2C counterparts.
  • December 20. 39% of all online marketers admit that they have 0 strategy for mobile email.
  • December 21. Monday emails outperform the other six days of the week in revenue.
  • December 22. Half of all marketers use animated gifs in their email campaigns. Take that, HTML5!
  • December 23.Mobile emails are clicked upon by women at a rate 10% greater than men.
  • December 24. 84% of all email traffic is spam.

So break out of your Claustrophobia and embrace all Christmas customers, even the Rude-olph ones. Tuck in your gingerbread man to sleep under his cookie sheet, try not to catch Missile Toe from a visiting astronaut, wear a Santa suit to work and call all your employees Subordinate Clauses, send a very special holiday gift of woolen socks to all your Hispanic customers with a greeting of Fleece Navidad, and join Adam on December 24th by telling your spouse: It’s Christmas, Eve! Happy holidays!

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